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Kate Warthen :: Batik

My painting style is defined by variety, color, and a devotion to the effect of light; the eternal but fleeting play of light on all things.

Batik is a fascinating medium that like watercolor, requires planning to control the lights and darks, because although you can  usually paint or dye over a light color, you can’t do the same with a dark one. The process involves waxing out the white areas first and then building up the color by painting on dye with a brush, allowing it to dry, and then painting over it with warm, melted wax. The wax dries immediately and isolates that color from further dye incursion, except for any color that creeps into the cracks in the wax or missed spots - (which can actually add to the spontaneity of the finished work).

I am a native of northern Wisconsin, to which I attribute my appreciation of the natural world. I've lived in California for most of my adult life, and I consider it home.

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